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    Your local trusted and most recommended IT guy! SYSTEM RESTORE, SCREEN REPLACEMENT, VIRUS REMOVAL, HARDWARE UPGRADES, FILES RECOVERY, WINDOWS REINSTALL, KEYBOARD REPLACEMENTS! ALSO REFURBISHED LAPTOPS TO SUIT YOUR NEEDS! CALL: 0754 054 8023 - 01983 642 023 Shanklin BASED - HOME visits also available! Befriend us on facebook!! www.facebook.com/theITalianJOB.laptops For live support and offers! Is your laptop running slow or unable to work on it anymore? DON'T THROW IT AWAY! Just bring it to us and we'll give you a FREE estimate on how much it's going to cost to get it working again or alternatively if you'd rather invest the money differently, you can give it as part exchange towards one of our professionally refurbished laptops!! No matter how bad condition your old laptop is in, we'll always give you some money towards it! AND WE WIILL TRANSFER FOR FREE THE DATA FROM YOUR OLD MACHINE TO THE NEW ONE!!!! THAT'S RIGHT....NO EXTRA COST! (allowing that the hard drive is in full working condition still) So if you are looking for an affordable laptop, professionally restored with a free friendly advice service that will guide you to the right purchase for your needs, without having to spend many hundreds of pounds, then we are the right people for you. We are passionate about computers and have beed dealing with people's queries and computer trouble solving for the past 15 years! This has been a hobby since very young age, making this not a job, but a passion in sharing our knowledge with anyone who wishes to pick our minds! We have no interests in selling you the most expensive laptop, but just the one that meets your requirements at a fraction of price of any other high street shop ones! And if you are a beginner we will be happy to give you a free half an hour tutorial and answer all your questions, and we will always be on the other side of the phone if you ever get stuck. If you wish fixing or upgrading your own computer/laptop (ranging from virus removal, system restore, hardware/software upgrades, lcd screen replacement, ecc.), then also get in touch, we can give you a free estimate so that you know beforehand how much it's going to cost you, no matter how long it will take us, on a no fix no fee basis at a VERY COMPETITIVE PRICE! For more info or to arrange to view any of our machines, please ring or text 0754 054 8023 or 01983 642 023, inbox us on here or alternatively send us an email to: the_IT_alianJOB@live.co.uk. We will be happy to answer any questions or if you require a machine with personalized specs, then also get in touch. Please BEFRIEND us on facebook to have a look at all the available machines and receive FREE LIVE support & advice! www.facebook.com/theITalianJOB.laptops For your own peace of mind and to show how much we value our customers, we offer 30days rtb warranty (hardware only) and 90days 25%off any reapair for any damage caused by end user (labour only) For More info please ring or text 0754 054 8023 01983 642 023 (if no answer do leave a message and we'll call you back same day)