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    Fiat Punto 1.2L Active

    Postcode - Added: Monday, 4 May, 2015, Item ID: 3990
    £ 1250

    I am regrettably selling my 2004 1.2L Fiat Punto (57800 miles) for £1250 ONO This has been with me since March 2013 and was my first car. I must say that I have really enjoyed keeping this car and it has been very little trouble. I have been fortunate enough to have a family friend who is a trained mechanic maintain the car when anything ever so slightly started to go wrong so the car, as far as I'm aware, is mechanically completely sound. Since I have had it I've replaced the tyres, new brake pads and discs and have recently had the passenger door resprayed as it was a bit tired looking. As you would expect of a car of it's age it has a bit of road rash with little scratches and marks here and there but on the whole is tidy and clean. The stereo currently fitted (seen in the pictures) will not be included in the sale as I have only recently had it fitted but I will fit the old unit in preparation for sale. The stereo currently fitted is a DAB stereo so the DAB aerial will remain fitted in the car for the purchasers use if wanted/needed to upgrade. The MOT runs out in October and in the previous MOT it passed with only 1 advisory which was a worn tyre which has been replaced since. The road tax is £11 per month, the insurance (for me at least) was cheap and it is generally economic with fuel. This really is a great first car for anybody on a budget and the reason I am selling is because I am looking for something a little bit more comfortable for motorway and longer distance driving with a bit higher budget. Please text or call me with any questions or to book a viewing or test drive. Thanks for looking